Food & Nut Procedure

‚ÄčThe school cannot implement a policy regarding food and nuts, however the following procedures are enacted to raise awareness and ensure the safety of individual children.

  • Parents of all children with medical alerts are invited to address their class communities at the initial parent information nights early in the year - highlighting the need for all families to be aware of specific allergies, needs and situations
  • Medical alert staff meetings are also held early in the year - parents are invited to speak to all staff with the purpose of informing and advising teachers of specific situations.
  • Regular newsletter, internet and ad hoc communications, reminding the community of our desire to be a "nut free" school.
  • Individual and specific class reminders on specific situations especially re nut free, egg free situations.
  • Clear expectations that students do not share food.
  • Tuckshop procedures and ordering with student allergies in mind.
  • Student eating times - Morning Tea and Lunch time are regarded as "class time" and - as such - are supervised by teachers. Teachers can use these times to observe what and how children are eating, attempt to isolate and observe students with food which could have the potential to harm others and discuss healthy food choices, manners etc. 

The health of all of children in our care is of great importance to all of us at St Augustine's Primary School.

Please contact the office for immediate information.