Enrolment Process

  • ​The child is baptised Catholic whose family can demonstrate involvement in the life, worship and service of the Coolangatta / Tugun parish with a preference for those who have siblings already enrolled. (A supporting note from the Parish Priest is desirable)
  • The child is baptised Catholic whose family can demonstrate involvement in the life, worship and service of the another parish and now seeks to participate actively in the life, worship and service of this parish. (A supporting note from the Parish Priest is desirable)
  • The child is baptised Catholic whose family resides in the Coolangatta / Tugun parish and is committed to and guided by the values of the Gospel and the traditions of the Catholic Church.
  • The child is not baptised as a Catholic, belongs to a family that can demonstrate some meaningful relationship with a Christian tradition, is committed to and guided by the values of the Gospel and accepting of the traditions of the Catholic Faith Community.

​The Principal, in consultation with the Parish Priest, may exercise discretion regarding any application and may determine a child’s eligibility beyond the stated guidelines.

If applicable, a copy of any relevant reports written by other professionals, i.e. psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists etc. should be presented at interview. Failure to present relevant information at the time of interview could jeopardise your child’s acceptance or subsequent placement at St Augustine’s.

The current enrolment of the school is approximately 530​ pupils from Prep to Year 6.


For enrolment into Prep, the child must have attained the age of four (4) years by the last day in June of the year prior to enrolment.

Families are encouraged to give a commitment to remain at St Augustine's for the whole of their Primary education at the time of enrolment.

Children with special needs will be considered by the school with all relevant information provided to the school at an enrolment support meeting.

Each application for enrolment must be accompanied by:

  • Documentary evidence of birth
  • Documentary evidence of Baptism
  • Evidence to support your commitment to Parish life where appropriate
  • A copy of the latest school report if coming from another school
  • Copies of any court orders if appropriate
  • Any relevant medical records
  • Details of immunisation
  • A non-refundable once-only family enrolment fee of $65 per family.

Upon acceptance of a place in the school, parents will be asked to confirm their enrolment place with a deposit of $200. This will be deducted from the following term's fees.
(Please note if enrolment is cancelled after accepting, this deposit is non-refundable)

Each family enrolling will be required to pay the full sporting/education levy for the term, the pro rata school admin levy, and the pro rata building levy.

Departing Students

Families departing the school at any time, apart from the end of a school year, need to inform the school a term in advance of their departure. The school is levied set amounts per term and per annum for each child enrolled at the school. A child leaving the school before the end of a term is expected to pay all fees for that term.

Late Enrolments

Families enrolling children at St Augustine’s after the commencement of the school year will be expected to pay the fees that the school will expend on their child. (see School Fees). Parents enrolling their children after the commencement of the school year need to bear in mind that, whether a child attends the school for the entire year, or a portion of the year, the school purchases the entire resources that each child will require e.g. books, pencils, text books etc. This means that the resources levy will need to be paid for the entire year.


St Augustine’s is a Parish Primary School and as such its purpose is to serve the parishioners.

Consequently first enrolment is given to the baptised Catholics who live within the parish and whose parents have a faith commitment. As the whole ethos of the school is based on Gospel teaching in the Catholic tradition, it would be unfair to burden children with a Catholic conscience where there is no support at home. This is a serious concern and parents are advised to consider the effect on their children of sending them to a Catholic School if religion is not lived in the home. The process of enrolment is necessarily a complex one, as it involves a serious commitment to primary education on the part of the pupil, a willingness to assist and support the endeavours of the school on the part of the parents and a contract to provide an effective Catholic educational milieu, and appropriate motivation and learning experiences on the part of the school.

The following is the order of priority that is followed when accepting enrolments that reflects the above priorities.​

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