Absence from School

Policy Name: Absence from School


This policy aims to clarify the expectations the school has of parents and teachers in relation to absences from school.


Absenteeism – Pupils

Parents have a duty to let the school know if a child is not attending school. Teachers are asked to inform the Office ONLY IF a pupil is away from school and the teacher does NOT know the reason.

Absence - Family holidays

Family holidays must be taken when they become due. Children in most cases, must and should accompany the rest of the family. However, we see it as impractical to set formal written activities for a pupil during such a period, and, accordingly, this will not be done. As a general rule, we encourage children going on a family holiday to maintain a journal of their travels and enjoy their usual positive reading practice.


In accordance with the requirements of the Education Act parents are encouraged to train their children in the habit of regular attendance. Generally, each day’s work is built upon the previous day’s work and loss of time may upset the teaching/learning process for the pupil and teacher.

However, a child who is ill or disturbed through family trauma does not participate well and should be kept at home to receive the care needed for recovery. If a child is not well enough to attend classes, there is little likelihood that any great worth will result from ‘extra work’ being sent home from school.

For many reasons, teachers are concerned if a child is absent from school and no explanation is received. To protect the school and safeguard the well-being of the child, the school should be notified of the child’s absence by telephone (55988730).

When a child returns to class, a note of explanation should be presented to the class teacher. Where a child is absent, and the school has not been informed, parents/carers will be contacted.

For absences longer than 10 days, written approval from the principal is required (Education Act 2006). The Application for Exemption from Compulsory Schooling (non-state school) form is located at www.nssab.qld.edu.au/Pdf/ecs3.doc

Please download this form, complete and return to school ASAP to seek written approval from the principal.

Please note: Sections 13-19 are not applicable to a primary school and may be marked N/A.




Approved by: The Principal
Issuing Group: St Augustine’s Leadership Team
Implementation Date: March 2010
Revision Date:
School Contact Officer: The Principal