Health and Safety is about prevention of injury and disease in the workplace. It is about keeping every person who interacts with a workplace safe so that they can go home at the end of the day to their family and friends without being negatively affected by the workplace.

For schools this means ensuring the health and safety of:

  • staff
  • students
  • parents/guardians/relatives
  • contractors
  • visitors
  • members of the public

There are three main reasons why it is so important to ensure we manage health and safety risks in the workplace:

  1. Human
    The fact that workers may be injured or killed is sufficient incentive to ensure the safest possible workplace.
  2. Business
    Legal costs associated with common and statute law, along with a range of hidden impacts can severely affect a business
  3. Economic
    Workplace injuries and poor worker health are a significant cost to industry. A preventative approach to health and safety can reduce these costs, as well as leading to less tangible cost benefits.

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