Our Staff

​St Augustine's School ​Staffing

Leadership Team
Principal: Mr John Cameron
Assistant Principal: Mrs Dijana Ioane
Assistant Principal: Mr Brenton Edwards​​​​​
APRE: Mrs Diane Anderson
Primary Learning Leader: Mr Luke Holman
Office Staff
Secretary: Mrs Jacqueline Pentland 
Secretary: Mrs Sharon Hall
Secretary: Mrs Melissa Biggins
Enrolments and Administration: Mrs Lisa Stewart​
Finance Manager: Mrs Jayna Murrill and Ms Candi Baxter​

Classroom Teaching Staff
Prep: Mrs Nicole Maitua
Prep: Mrs Kathryn Todarello and Mrs Debbie Hyland
Prep: Ms Lisa Barry
Year 1: Mrs Michelle Campbell
Year 1: Mrs Leanne Cutting
Year 1: Mrs Clare Deeth and Mrs Fran Wallace
Year 2: Mr Nathan Melfi
Year 2: Mrs Meliah Dick
Year 2: Miss Amy Morton
Year 3: Mrs Anna Patterson
Year 3: Mrs Allison King
Year 3: Mrs Marrissa Vos and Mrs Jana Kelly

Year 4: Ms Julia Miller
Year 4: Mr Dan Allsopp
Year 4: Mr Mick O’Shea

Year 5: Miss Breanna Stalker
Year 5: Mrs Sue Hamill and Mr Shaun Dolan
Year 5: Mrs Rachael Wiggins​
Year 6: Mr Alan Dick
Year 6: Mrs Ashlee Vredenburg
Year 6: Mr Laurie Hallinan
Specialist Teachers
Guidance Counsellor: Ms Vicki Goodsell
Guidance Counsellor: Dr Angela Jeffery
Speech Pathologist: Ms Emily Taylor
Learning and Teaching Coach: 
ST:IE (Support Teacher Inclusive Education) 
Miss Paige Sallows and Mrs Sonia Vine
Teacher Librarian: Mrs Natalie Barrett and ​Mr Paul Barrett
Art: Mrs Jodie Sindle
PE and Sports Co-ordinator: Mr Shaun Dolan
Music: Mrs Deirdre Pullen
French/​Chess: Mr Mark Pentland
School Officers
Mrs Chris Beitey
Mrs Melissa Biggins
Mrs Melissa Boyle
Mrs Maree Burgess​
Mrs Karen Dick​​
Mrs Tracy Grieve
Mrs Sharon Hall
Mrs Nicole Lee
Mr Oscar Busby
Mrs Katja Sheahan
Miss Laura Lopes

Workplace Health and Safety
Mrs Paola Diaz-Contador
Mr Glenn "Bull" Carroll

Mr Preston Davis​
Mr Glenn "Bull" Carroll

IT School Officer
Mr Martin Sanders​