Library Resource Centre

The Library Resource Centre at St Augustine's is the school's educational heart and as such is open and available to children at all times except recess. Students may use the centre to read, borrow resources, study, access the internet or research at any time and are encouraged to do so.

Library Mission Statement

"St Augustine's Library Resource Centre, in partnership with the wider school community, is dedicated to creating a stimulating, literature rich and well resourced Library environment which also fosters the development of information literacy through promotion of the principles of resource based teaching and lifelong learning".

Library Resource Centre Policy

The Library Resource Centre Policy.pdfLibrary Resource Centre Policy has been adopted to aid in the appropriate selection and withdrawal of library materials. Contained in this policy are also guidelines for challenged materials.

Library Resource Centre Hours

Open Monday to Friday from 8.15am - 3.30pm.

Library Staff

Teacher Librarian: Mrs Lalonga (Lonnie) Rutland

Library Assistant: Mrs Chris Beitey

Technology Assistant: Mr Martin Sanders

Contact Details:

Direct line: 07 55078128

Borrowing Limits

Prep     -  1 book
Year 1  -  1 book
Year 2  -  2 books
Year 3  -  3 books
Year 4  -  4 books
Year 5  -  5 books
Year 6  -  6 books
Year 7  -  7 books

Prep - Year 3 borrow resources for one week. Years 4-7 borrow resources for two weeks.

(Borrowing limits/times may be extended on an individual basis to suit a particular research assignment by negotiation with library staff.)

Lost/misplaced Books: Overdue notices are printed each week. Children cannot borrow if their book is overdue.  After three overdue reminders, a note will be sent to the borrower asking for the return or replacement of the book/s. Replacement cost/s are included in the letter. This consequence is stated in the School Handbook.

Library Sessions

Co-operative planning and teaching form the basis of the teacher librarian's role, as well as instruction in ICT skills to all staff and students. 
Each class has a weekly library session with the Teacher-Librarian (T-L) Children complete literature, research skills and/or ICT lessons planned cooperatively by the T-L and class teacher to complement or extend current classroom units of work.  Unless otherwise timetabled, children borrow during library sessions.

Year 2 Take Home Readers borrowing, Prep C, Prep SS, Prep BW, Year 1 Take Home Readers borrowing

3B, 3KT, 3Mc, 4M, 4C, Year 3 Take Home Readers borrowing

6O, 6M, 7D, 7O

2S, 2D, 1A, 1C, 1D (Take Home Readers borrowing during class)

5H, 5D

What do we offer?

Our collection comprises over 30000 items in the form of Fiction, Junior Fiction, Picture Books, Non-Fiction, Reference, Teacher Resources, Reading Schemes, Charts, Posters, DVDs, Maths and Science Equipment, Games and Computer software. NEW RESOURCES Aug 2013.pdfNew Resources are being added regularly to the collection.

The World Book Online offers an encyclopaedia, dictionary, atlas, homework help, study aids and curriculum guides. To access, World Book Online, click on the icon below




Scholastic Book Club is offered twice a term and is organised through the Library.


RIBIT (Read In Bed It's Terrific) reading programme is managed by the Library Resource Centre.

The program aims to:

  1. Promote reading as a pleasant and enjoyable activity
  2. Encourage children to read regularly and read more.
  3. Reward children for good reading practice.

RIBIT winners are announced each week at assembly and published in the school newsletter. Years 2 & 3 participate in RIBIT, Years 4,5,6 & 7 participate in SUPER RIBIT.

Lunch time activities, competitions, games and general supervision is provided 5 days per week: Monday - Friday. Mrs Rutland is also available before and after school on these days to assist with borrowing, research guidance and questions from parents regarding literature choices for their child.

Students from Year 7 form the Library Care Group. Students volunteer one lunch period each week to work in the library. Their duties include: scanning of resources at the circulation desk, shelving books, supervising games, answering any queries from other students and general tidying of the library after lunchtime activities

Each year, Mrs Rutland coordinates the St Augustine's Readers' Cup. This is a reading competition and is open to Years 6 and 7. Students form teams of four readers and each team reads the same four books. The teams come together for a competition to answer questions on each book. The team that answers the most correct answers wins the St A's cup and then goes on to represent our school at the annual Gold Coast Catholic Primary Schools' Readers' Cup held in November.

Each year, the children have the opportunity to celebrate their love of reading through activities in children's BOOK WEEK and the BILBY Awards. All students are offered the opportunity to buy books at discounted prices at our annual Book Fair.

Parent Help

Parents are welcome to help in the Library Resource Centre with book covering, mending, maintenance and shelving.  Your support, no matter how big or small is ALWAYS welcome!!!!  Please come in to see us if you would like to help.

You are always welcome in the Library Resource Centre ……

Browse through the collection
Read our NEW books when on display
Share some time reading to / with your child
View your child's work on display
Feel free to ask for suitable books for birthdays etc…