We aim to nurture the Faith of children within a Catholic Community. The love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, trust, gentleness and forgiveness which children experience in a community united in Christ become life lessons of lasting influence.

Every class sets aside a half hour each day for formal Religious Education. The program is based on the new “Guidelines for Religious Education of the Archdiocese of Brisbane.”

Class liturgies are held regularly, to which parents are welcomed. Christian values permeate our entire school program and are not merely ‘taught’ in a Religious Education lesson.


Reconciliation Year 3

Confirmation Year 4

Eucharist Year 4

The above year levels are the usual times when children receive these sacraments. The preparation of the children for the Sacraments occurs in the Parish with school involvement and support. The school supports the family in helping their child receive the Sacraments.

The prime responsibility for the children’s preparation lies with the example and Catholic practice of the family, and the school and parish will do their utmost to support families in any way they can. All Sacraments are celebrated in the Coolangatta/Tugun Parish.


The whole school gathers in the Mary Mackillop Centre each Friday morning for whole school assemblies. Student of the Week and general notices are announced. At some assemblies, special children's liturgy based on the Religious Education program in classes are presented to the whole school.


Each year, we celebrate St Augustine's Feast Day. We will celebrate St Augustine throughout the week in August and celebrate his Feast Day on 28th August.