ITLC Student Code of Conduct

At St Augustine’s, we understand the key role that technology plays in the development of learning and we are also aware of the need to provide a safe framework in which students can appropriately develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. We encourage considerate and appropriate behaviour, good manners, etiquette and responsible use of school resources. 

If the Code of Conduct is breached, possible school responses could include: a discussion with the student, informing parents or a loss of ICLT privileges.  If students are found to be participating in any form of cyber bullying or harassment that affects the emotional or mental wellbeing of staff or students, the school will follow necessary procedures and the police will be notified.

It is important, therefore, that parents visit the ICLT Student Code of Conduct document, discuss the rules and encourage children to follow the school’s cybersafety program. To view the ICLT Student Code of Conduct, click the link below:

ICLT (Information, Communication and Learning Technology) Student Code of Conduct